Yhomara Mocinos Bartender of week

Bartender of the Week Yhomara at Hi Scores

Yhomara-Hi-Scores-Royal-Flush-PromotionOur Bartender of the Week is Yhomara at Hi Scores

This week’s Bartender of the Week is Yhomara Mocinos at Hi Scores Bar-Arcade in Henderson! Yhomara is a swing shift bartender and also a store manager at the Hi Scores location on Stephanie Street at Paseo Verde Parkway. She is an amazing bartender, boss, and friend. But don’t take our word for it! This is what her friends and coworkers had to say…

“Yhomara is one of those bartenders that leaves a lasting impression. She’s the reason you go back to that bar. Not because you hit a jackpot or because she makes a mean cocktail, but because she makes you feel like you’re winning, even when you’re losing. She has the kindest heart and she deserves every recognition for her work and her dedication.”

“[she is] Hilarious, attentive, sweet, & amazing at her job”

“She is a hard worker, and the type of person that goes above and beyond to make sure things are on point. She absolutely cares for our guests and develops great relationships with everyone. Work wouldn’t be the same with out her.”

“Yhomara is one of the hardest working people I have ever met in my entire life. Managing and being an incredible bartender, my hat gets tipped to her. I’m a really good bartender but when it comes to being by yourself, swamped, and in the weeds, I’ve never seen someone who can handle it like her. I shouldn’t even say in the weeds because she’s so good at it that she never gets in the weeds.”

“She is a great person, friend, co worker, and manager. But more importantly is that she’s an incredible mother – to do all she does is absolutely amazing.”

Fun things to do in Henderson

jackpots-hi-scores-yhomara-henderson-bar-gamingStop in and visit our Bartender of the Week, Yhomara, at Hi Scores Bar-Arcade whenever you’re looking for fun things to do in Henderson. They have all kinds of different games to play, including a huge variety of vintage arcade games, which are all free for customers. They also have a great Four-To-The-Royal 2nd chance gaming promotion, where they give you  a deck of the only cards you need to complete your royal flush (10s, Js, Qs, Ks, Aces). If you draw the card you needed, you win $100 in free play! Whether you like to gamble or not, there is something there for everyone with Yhomara at Hi Scores.

Check Yhomara out Wednesday through Sunday from 6pm until 2am at Hi-Scores on Stephanie!


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