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Bad Beat Brewing was founded by Nathan Hall, a man whose passions include poker and craft beer. As a gambler, it was natural for Mr. Hall to take risks, so he sold his house and invested every dollar in his bank account to open a brewery. His gamble paid off in July of 2014 when he achieved his dream of opening Bad Beat Brewing. With offerings at dozens of local bars and stores, you are sure to find a great beer that you love!

When you visit Bad Beat Brewing, you are greeted by friendly staff, a warm atmosphere, seating, and games like darts, Cards Against Humanity, giant Jenga and shuffleboard. It’s a chill environment, filled with many beer enthusiasts, which I find to be a great way to learn the thoughts and opinions of these great craft beers. They always have 4 amazing and delicious year-round microbrews and eight specialties that are offered on rotation. Although I haven’t tried them all, I have never been disappointed. Check out their website if you want to find out which new brews they release every month.

Bad Beat Brewing Hefeweizen craft beerBLUFFING ISN’T WEISSE

German Hefeweizen

This was Bad Beat’s original bestseller, and the first keg they released. It has a slightly cloudy appearance when poured. The apricot yeast strain used, along with fruit, clove, and vanilla aromas are something that I loved when I took my first sip. There is also a rich malt flavor, with an earthy hop flavor. I loved the combination of this beer’s amazing flavor. On the lighter side of the Brew Spectrum, this is must try!

Available on draft and in 12 oz. cans

5.1% ABV


I <3 NV

Amber Ale

Bad Beat Brewing craft beer amber lagerI <3 Nevada (Pronunciation is up to you, but locals will correct you if you say it wrong!) is a delicious beer, Bad Beat honors this State by creating this brew! It embodies all things, Amber. It’s a wonderfully balanced beer with flavor combinations that are somewhat hoppy, deliciously crisp, and a bit malty, with caramel malt flavors that enhance the floral and citrus hops. Because this beer is so light and easy to drink, we can certainly go back for more on a regular basis.

Available on draft and in 12 oz cans.

5.1% ABV

Where to Find These Bad Beat Craft Beers on Tap

Here are a few places to try Bad Beat on tap:

These Born and Raised Locations:

These Rounders Locations:

Wahoo’s Fish Tacos