National Bourbon Day – The Official Spirit of America

The official Spirit of America

Today is National Bourbon Day, so we decided to learn a little more about the Official Spirit of America. That’s right…. President Lyndon B. Johnson actually signed an act of congress in 1964, designating Bourbon “The Official Spirit of America!” It’s great to drink neat (straight up) or on the rocks, as well as in a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned. There are so many ways to enjoy this delightful brown liquor. Click Here to find a bar near you, where you can celebrate National Bourbon Day the right way.

Bourbon-answer-to-the-questionBourbon or Whiskey?

All bourbons are whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon. If you look up the definition of Bourbon, you will find it is a whiskey distilled from a mash made up of not less than 51 percent corn plus malt and rye. But there is much more to it than that. Here are a few more interesting facts to help you learn what makes bourbon different:

  • It must be made in America. It can be made anywhere in America, but most are from Kentucky. In fact, the very first bourbon was produced in Bourbon, Kentucky – which is obviously how it got its name. Kentucky is still where most bourbons are made, with only 10 major distilleries producing hundreds of brands.
  • To be bourbon, the whiskey must contain between 51% and 79% Indian corn
  • Bourbon must also be aged for at least 2 years, but many are aged for 4 or more years.
  • The barrels are important! They have to be aged in  brand new charred oak barrels, made from American White Oak. These barrels can never be used to make bourbon again. However, they are very commonly used in the United Kingdom, to age their scotch whiskey.


Find Some Bourbon & Start the Celebration!

Now that you know a little more about bourbon and National Bourbon Day, get out there and find Bourbon-makes-you-look-good-nakedsome good bourbon to sip on! Where should you go? Well…. It all depends on what kind of variety you’re looking for. You can return to our Search Page, and find a bar near you, since most bars carry bourbon, or you can visit the bars we’ve listed below. These bars all well know for having a good selection of bourbons:

  • Frankie’sUptown in Downtown Summerlin
  • Double Helix in Towne Square
  • Khoury’s near Silverado Ranch
  • Bacon Bar in Northwest Las Vegas
  • Gold Mine Tavern in Henderson
  • Whiskey Licker on Fremont Street

What are you waiting for? Go drink some bourbon!