Who Is Your Favorite Bartender?

Sometimes you run into people who change your life for the better.

Those people are called bartenders, and their job is so much more than simply serving people drinks. It is a very social job and it can be a lot of fun, but it is also hard work. It takes a special type of person to overcome the unique challenges that come with the service of alcohol. Bartenders must be friendly and outgoing, even when their customers are anything but… In addition to making you delicious and satisfying drinks, your bartender also assumes the roles of a security guard, friend & confidant, babysitter, therapist, drinking buddy, slot attendant, fry cook, human remote-control, comedian, janitor, entertainer, and sometimes even management. Those who are best at the job are able to pull all this off with a smile on their face and a dirty joke in their mouth, all while making it look like the easiest thing in the world.


All of us at Happy Hour Near Me feel that bartenders are a sort of heroes, so we want to begin taking a little time every week to show some love to our favorites… Those special people who impress us with their charm & wit; with their enthusiasm to celebrate good times with us. We tip our hats to those clever drink-slingers who have the ability to lift our spirits when we’re feeling down. They should know that we all appreciate their sober voices of reason when our own common sense has been stolen away by our liquid salvation. Let’s celebrate these heroes who try their best to make sure we get home safely! They are knights in shining armor, valiantly sweeping in to bring liquid confidence to the socially awkward and helping ugly people to get laid.

Bartenders…… You rock!

Do you know an amazing bartender?

We are looking for the kind of bartenders that stand out in their field – the kind that keep their guests coming back again and again. We want to hear about your favorites, and what makes them stand out. Are they always on top of their game, never leaving you wanting for anything while at your service? They could be that day-shift bartender whose extra help is so valuable to the boss and their coworkers. You may know a cool and charismatic graveyard bartender that everyone wants to be around because of their positive energy and witty banter. They could even be a hard working barback, who is always helpful and proactive. Or maybe they make a killer Bloody Mary or an awesome Mai Tai. Yummm…. Mai Tais…..


Kodiak Mai Tai from Timbers Bar & Grill

We want to hear from you!!

Tell us about your favorite bartenders and help us reward your badass bartender friends for all their hard work and gracious hospitality. We want to spread the word about their bar & their shifts, highlighting their skills and strengths so other potential customers will know where to find them and their exceptional service.

You can send in your nominations any of the following ways:

Remember to include the name and location of the bar where they work, as well as your reasons for nominating them. Please keep in mind that we will need to get permission from that bartender before we post about them, so providing contact information will be helpful if you can share it with us.


We will be featuring a new friendly face every week!

From all of us at Happy Hour Near Me, thank you for your support! Have a fun and safe weekend!




Cheers!                                #wheredoyouwannago