Davey’s @ Rebar Downtown

Davey’s @ Rebar Downtown

When walking around the art’s district of downtown Las Vegas, make sure you check out Davey’s @ Rebar. Associated with Rebar, just two doors down, Davey’s is a quirky little place you won’t want to miss. Davey’s @ Rebar has everything from beer and wine on tap to specialty cocktails that benefit local charities. That’s what I said! If you order one of their 6 Charitable Cocktails, part of the proceeds go to 1 of 6 different charities. So if you are in the giving mood, kill to birds with one stone, or should I say rocks, Get it ice is rocks.

Davey’s @ Rebar Downtown also has a small menu if you hungry. You can get a 10″ Sub, a salad or a signature sausage, and everything is $8 or less.

Don’t get to ambitious, this is a place that is worth the wait. Davey’s @ Rebar is only open 2 nights a week. If you are out and about any days other than Friday and Saturday after 5 pm, you will have to go to Davey’s sister bar, Rebar. Don’t get to freaked out though, it is only 2 doors down and is just as cool.

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Davey's @ Rebar Downtown Beer
Davey's@Rebar Downtown Food
Davey's @ Rebar Downtown

Location Information

1221 S Main St
Las Vegas , NV 89104

Hours: Friday & Saturday 5 Pm -Close

Happy Hour:



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