PT’s Pub Summerlin

PT’s Pub Summerlin

Founded more than 30 years ago, PT’s Pubs are a staple of the Las Vegas area. Pt’s Pub Summerlin opened in 1992 and has two of it’s original bartenders. Their Lake Mead & Rampart Las Vegas pub is open 24 hours a day, offering good food and a great happy hour. They also have great gaming options. Whatever craving you have, PT’s Pubs have something for everyone.

PT’s Pub was started by twin brothers from New York over 30 years ago. They quickly grew to multiple locations and by the late 90’s they had over 20 bars. PT’s Pub Summerlin was their 6th bar in Las Vegas. Last count PT’s has over 60 bars in Vegas between  their different brands that include the original Pubs, Golds, Sierra Golds, Sean Patricks, The Ranches, and SG Bars and The Brewing Co.

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Happy Hour Specials

50% off drinks and $6, $7 and $8 menu selections from 5pm-7pm AND 12am-2am daily


Location Information

8584 West Lake Mead Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89128

Hours: 24 Hours

Happy Hour: 5pm - 7pm & 12am - 2am



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