Rebar Downtown

Rebar Downtown

When looking for a bar that you can feel absolutely comfortable in, look no further than Rebar Downtown. With some of the coolest bartenders and an antique store decore, you can get whatever you need in one place. Why, you ask, because you can drink, eat and shop all right here , because everything is for sale at Rebar Downtown. Ok, not everything, the bartenders are not. That would be illegal we think.

Rebar Downtown has got something going on almost every night of the week. If you like trivia, get your brains back in gear every Monday for Bottomless Pit Trivia. Questions start dropping at 7:00 pm. Tuesdays are open mic comedy night. Is it live music you are looking for, then come on down on Thursdays. And lets not forget about the local DJ’s, don’t miss a chance to see Jowzay this Sunday at ReBAR, before he blows the fuck up and they can no longer afford him.


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Rebar Downtown Bartender
Rebar Downtown Bar
Rebar Downtown Pub

Location Information

1225 S Main St
Las Vegas , NV 89104

Hours: Open at 11 am Daily

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