Starboard Tack Las Vegas

Starboard Tack Las Vegas

Starboard Tack Las Vegas has been a Valley staple since 1972.  Originally started by Bob Kostelecky, the original bar/ restaurant was once the watering hole of famous strip performers, casino employees, and locals alike.

In 2017, bartenders Bryant Jane and Lyle Cervenka resurrected the iconic tavern when they took over the location. Adding their own touches, the two created a place for locals and tourists to enjoy craft cocktails, elevated bar food and try their luck on one of the 15 video poker machines.

If you are ever looking for something to do, Starboard Tack has you covered. From Taco Tuesday to Vegas Pub Quiz every Wednesday at 7:30.¬† If you want to watch a game, look no further than when they host viewing parties for Women’s World Cup (GO USA) or the NBA finals. Oh yeah, and they always have food and drink specials for everything they do.

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Happy Hour Specials

Taco  Tuesdays

2 for $5

3 for $7

Wednesday Vegas Pub Quiz

Every week

1/2 off all Rum

$5 Well Drinks

$2 Rolling Rock

$5 Starboard Burger

$5 Seattle Thai Dog

$8 Frozen Watermelon Mezcal Veras

Location Information

2601 Atlantic St
Las Vegas, NV 89121

Hours: 24 Hours

Happy Hour:



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