The Jackalope in Downtown Austin

Delicious Food in Downtown Austin

The Jackalope in Downtown Austin is a famous dive bar on 6th Street. Their delicious food menu includes sandwiches, wings, hot dogs, waffle fries, and much more. And we can’t forget to mention their amazing burgers, which are voted some of the best in the city year after year.

The food is so good that the Jackelope receives national recognition for the excellence of food and the lively and uniquely “Austin” bar experience they provide.

Great Drinks on 6th Street

You can also find adventurous and tasty cocktails at The Jackalope in Downtown Austin. The Fuego Bandito is a smoky mezcal drink, or the El Diablo is their twist on a Mexican Mule. For a more traditional cocktail, try the Jackalope Old Fashioned. Whatever drink you’re looking for, their friendly bartenders are happy to mix you pretty much anything you like.

Check them out next time you are in Austin’s Historic District. Located on 6th Street, smack in the middle of one of the country’s great entertainment districts.


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Location Information

404 East 6th
Austin, TX 78701

Hours: 11am -2am Daily

Happy Hour:

(512) 472-3663


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