Wahoos Taco Bar Boca Park

Wahoos Taco Bar Boca Park

In 1988 the Lee brothers came together to open the first Wahoo’s Tacos in Costa Mesa, California, where the surfers and skaters gathered.

They wanted to create a menu that was a reflection of their heritage. From China to Brazil, to Baja with a touch of Greece, their bold, fresh flavors come from their memories of growing up in Brazil, surfing in Baja and working in their family’s Chinese restaurant. Their food is true to this experience, worldly and uncommonly delicious. They’ll always offer you the best of where they’ve been to fuel your adventures.

At Wahoo’s Taco Bar Boca Park, they encourage you to fill up on the food and experiences that make you feel more alive. So, ride those waves, care for people, love what you eat every day, and be yourself. Their family is here to serve and feed yours.

Ed, Mingo, and Wing

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Location Information

1000 S. Rampart
Las Vegas, NV 89145

Hours: 24 Hours

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